Gain clarity and insight for confident decision making, understand your self and others on a deeper level and find your purpose.


Service Options


60 Minute Reading

Multiple subjects


The first portion of the reading will provide an overview of:

  • Where you are now and how you got here

  • What are the major obstacles in your life and why?  

  • Where are you headed?  

The second portion allows you to ask specific questions and get clear answers.  Go deep into what you want and what it will take for you to get there.    

30 Minute Reading

One or two subjects in depth


The first portion of your reading reveals:

  • Where you are

  • What you need to watch for

  •  What's coming next physically and emotionally.

In the second portion, one or two specific subjects of your choice will be discussed in depth.

15 Minute Reading

Single subject


A quick but deep insight in to one well-defined subject of your choice.

1 Hour Meditation Instruction

Stress Relief made easy


Your own meditation instructor, live in your living room. Sarina Stone guides you through a simple yet powerful seated practice to relieve stress and train your mind to support, strengthen and detoxify your body.  

Audio and video support materials are available so you may continue to practice long after your visit.


About Your Reader

"My clients are business owners, entrepreneurs, artists (of all kinds), parents, travelers, project managers, students, educators and community leaders. They are the cultural creatives. For them, work and passion are intrinsically connected."

Sarina Stone

Described as bold, honest and gifted with foresight, Sarina Stone performed her first intuitive reading at age 14 and amazed listeners with her accuracy. She used the skill to earn her way through Medical Qigong school in Thailand where she became a multi-certified instructor and practitioner under the supervision of famous Tao Master, Mantak Chia.

A beloved educator, author and podcast host, Sarina traveled the globe sharing techniques for health, longevity, personal success and self-mastery for over 20 years.

Ms. Stone has been an intuitive reader for over 40 years now and has settled in the hills of Northern California where she shares Medical Qigong, Taoist Inner Alchemy and Intuitive Readings online.



Straight From The Source

Over the years, I have had several readings with Sarina Stone. I find her to be trustworthy, intuitive and accurate. Her readings have allowed me to look outside of my hesitations, anxieties, and uncertainties to find the answers I seek and make decisions objectively.
Her guidance and wisdom are invaluable to me. She has helped facilitate my growth, both spiritually and intellectually. I return to her for readings time and time again. She has been an important part of my personal and professional life for many years and will continue to be so.

Janene Michael
Wild Mountain Fantasy Festival


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